DevOps Engineer | Chinnor, Oxfordshire | Salary £Competitive



We are seeking an experienced Technical DevOps Engineer to work within our UK Digital team and help us drive our business forward whilst maintaining our already strong processes, technical foundations and client relationships.

Founded in the Netherlands and with regional offices in the UK and India, we’re a growing company with a massive reach. From small beginnings, GlobalizeMe have shown conservative yet steady growth throughout since being formed in 2000. Our focus has always been on honesty in tandem with happy teams and happy clients, as evidenced by our company ethics. This ethos has driven some exciting milestones in our history and has seen us provide services to a range of clients from global tech companies and financial services giants to pharma leaders and SMEs alike. Read more about our history and ethos by browsing this website.


Driven both by growth and an increase in project complexity, this role is a great opportunity for an experienced, forward-thinking DevOps Engineer to grow both personally and in their technical and career goals by being a key player within this diverse and entrepreneurial team. GlobalizeMe have corporate clients worldwide and must follow processes and compliance checkpoints in line with client needs, but the reason for our success is that we’re agile, we’re can-do people, we’re friendly, we go the extra mile to get the job done. This attitude comes from our Global CEO and runs across our flat-structured teams globally.

The successful candidate will be working with our delivery and service desk teams based in the UK and Bangalore and will also have touchpoints with our Netherlands team. Projects are mostly digital in nature, spanning across cloud architecture and implementation, managed services, mobile app development, webapp and website development and multiple other services in between.

This isn’t a traditional DevOps role – but we hope that’s a good thing; duties are diverse and include, but are not limited to:

  • Involvement in pre-sales business analysis, architecture, specification.
  • Project timelining assistance, milestone assistance, budget assistance, client communication.
  • Assistance with service desk escalation issues i.e. if you’ve worked on a project, you’re a stakeholder and have responsibility from cradle-to grave.
  • Involvement in team meetings, team mentoring, adherence to and implementation of key processes including involvement in our quest for ISO27001.
  • As well as the usual DevOps duties including architecture, build, maintenance, support - alongside our existing team based across Europe and Bangalore.


Working at GlobalizeMe is not your normal 9-5. We work hard, but in exchange, all of the GlobalizeMe team work to flexible working rosters that support our strong and professional business ethics but also give priority to family where needed. You’ll be ready for a flexible working environment and will have the following skills / qualities, proven via references and a solid LinkedIn profile:


  • Linux OS specifically Amazon Linux, Centos and Unbuntu.
  • Apache

  • Apache including vhost & proxy configuration and .htaccess rules.
  • Threads / Process optimisation.
  • Puppet

  • Puppet configuring servers using modules and hiera data
  • Management of environments using r10k
  • Ability to write/debug puppet modules would be an advantage

    At least 2 year's working knowledge of the AWS environment, you will ideally be an Associate DevOps Architect, will have an equivalent AWS accreditation or will be ready to take the exams. Skills should include:

  • Load Balancers classic and application, defining rules for application load balancers
  • VPC networking / internet & NAT gateways, Subnets
  • Security Groups
  • Provisioning of servers using CloudFormation Templates or userdaa
  • AutoScaling
  • Ability to work with and create CouldFormation templates in YAML format
  • Route53 DNS
  • Elastic Container Service
  • Elastic Beanstalk
  • S3

  • PHP configuration and optimisation.
  • Basic knowledge of language useful to assist in debugging
  • Shared session handling in multi server environments

  • MYSQL/Aurora configuration
  • Ability to debug and optimise queries and indexes
    Docker (or equivalent)

  • Knowledge of Docker, ability to control and manage containers
  • Creation of Dockerfiles
    Code Control & Build

  • Ability to work with git and understand the git flow method of working
  • Ability to work with Jenkins (or equivalent) and configure/create jenkins build scripts.

  • Knowledge of working with zabbix is desirable
    Programming Languages

  • Knowledge of PHP, python and ruby is desirable
    In Addition

  • You will be used to working with corporate clients, many of whom work to extremely rigid security and compliance protocols; you’ll be able to tell us about your experiences during the interview process.
  • You’ll have a sense of humour and will be ready to meet challenges and clients with a smile.
  • You’ll be within a reasonable commute of our offices in Chinnor, Oxfordshire.
  • You’ll have access to transport and will be happy to jump in the car once or twice a month to visit our clients in London and the home counties.
  • You’ll be ready to jump on a plane now and again to visit clients but also to meet with your team mates in the Netherlands and Bangalore, India.
  • You’ll be ready to meet the challenge of joining a small yet dynamic and rapidly growing team with some tough yet rewarding challenges in meeting the needs of our global, high-calibre clients.
  • But above all you will be passionate to know that you’ll be helping the company grow to exciting levels and will be growing with the company.


If we sound like the sort of team you’d be excited to join and are ready to learn more about this opportunity, please send us your CV, current salary and a covering letter to We aim to place this role by the end of Q12020.

Globally Load Balanced, Auto-Scaling Content Management and Delivery System

We architectected, built, monitor and maintain a global content delivery system for a leading publishing house. In conjunction with a team of third-party software developers, we built a system on AWS that ingests content authored by journalists, deploys this content across locations based in the US, AsiaPac and Europe and delivers the content using truly elastic cloud based technologies.

Serving over 130,000 concurrent users at daily peak and being fed by extremely viral social media traffic, our system automatically grows itself by building new worker virtual servers at various graduation points, routes traffic strategically to healthy working zones, then closes down virtual servers in an orderly fashion when they are not needed any more. This 'build and dispose' ethos ensures that resources are kept at an optimal level thus saving cost when the systems are experiencing quiet periods.

This system has been a revolution for this publishing house, taking the huge headaches of systems administration away from staff and allowing them to scale exponentially on a global scale without further capital expenditure.

iPad Based Presentation and Business Impact Modelling Apps

We have built various sales and discovery apps for leading global pharma and financial services clients crossing multiple business functions and use cases. Mostly presentational in origin, many of these apps feature rich, retina-quality, adaptive, multi-lingual content as a starting point to a discovery and/or sales process.

The apps then go on to capture analytical data, business impact data and comparison data, most of them then culminating in a report, an interactive graph or any other sort of ongoing engagement. All of our apps are somehow cloud-connected, with content being managed and synchronised, and with analytic and CRM data all being synchronised via secure data feeds. Multiple sales and customer facing teams around the world are using our apps to automate their workloads.

Digital Asset Management System - Various Corporate Clients

Following demand from several clients including leading names in the pharmaceutical and retail sectors, we developed a secure Digital Asset Management System (DAM). The DAM is designed to allow sharing of digital files and documents within a private network between project stakeholders, including clients, project managers and vendors.

The DAM system will typically sit on a secure virtual private cloud within AWS, Microsoft Azure or your hosting platform of choice, is fully penetration tested using third party ethical hackers and features ultra-secure SSL layers for data transmission. We use solid audit trails and logging within the application to ensure that all changes and moves/deletes are fully tracked for compliance reasons.

Other features of the DAM include multi-role and group management, folder creation and allocation to groups, multi-role file view/edit functionality and read/write access specific to folder, group and user. The DAM has streamlined the file sharing workflow for multiple clients and has decreased their dependency on less secure, more commercial SaaS based systems.