Unlocking Your Business Potential: How AI Can Revolutionize Your Operations

Today, the ability to quickly identify and address challenges within your business can mean the difference between success and stagnation. And with many businesses trying to navigate complexities across sectors and around the globe, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be the game-changer they need.  

At GlobalizeMe Digital, we are a technical services company who specialise in providing digital and cloud services, which includes leveraging AI to transform problem-solving for many of our clients. So, we thought we’d take a closer look at exactly what this means and how it could potentially help you. 

The Power of AI in Problem-Solving 

We’ve all heard about AI, along with the positives and negatives it can bring! But it’s not merely a buzzword, it's a catalyst for innovation - and one that is definitely worth embracing if you know how to use it effectively. Through sophisticated algorithms and machine learning capabilities, it can help you tackle a myriad of challenges efficiently. From streamlining processes to optimizing resource allocation, its applications are boundless. 

Identifying Common Business Challenges 

We know from experience that businesses encounter a spectrum of hurdles daily, ranging from operational inefficiencies to customer service bottlenecks. We also know that these challenges can impede growth, erode profitability and diminish customer satisfaction - something we all want to avoid. Yet, traditional methods of problem-solving tend to fall short, lacking the agility and precision demanded in today's workplace. 

How GlobalizeMe Digital Transforms Problem-Solving 

Standing at the forefront of AI-driven problem-solving solutions, we harness rules engines and notification engines, empowering our clients to promptly identify and address issues before they escalate. Let's explore what we mean by this and how we do it: 

  • Rules Engines: The foundation of proactive problem-solving. These are finely tuned to detect deviations from predefined norms or standards across various business functions. Whether it's detecting anomalies in transactional data, monitoring complex systems for performance issues or identifying compliance breaches, rules engines provide real-time insights, enabling prompt corrective action. For example, we use complex rules engines across the hundreds of systems that we manage for clients. Be it rules to monitor specific CPU trends on a per-customer basis or rules that dictate the speed at which auto-scaling clusters self-build children and sibling nodes, rules engines are our constant safety net.  
  • Notification Engines: In the fast-paced world of business, timing is everything. Notification engines ensure that relevant information reaches the right stakeholders quickly. By delivering actionable alerts and notifications, we nip potential problems in the bud, avoiding costly disruptions and mitigating risks. And even when our rules engines have executed their great work in mitigating or fixing issues whilst our clients sleep, our notification engines give good summaries of what happened and why. We have multiple cascade-based notification engines running 24/7 across our client base, working at different cadences and escalation paths according to the SLA that we have with a particular client. Whether this client is a global pharmaceutical based in Australia or a US based law enforcement tooling company, all of our clients know that we have their backs around the clock.  

Benefits of AI-Powered Problem-Solving 

The integration of AI into your problem-solving processes brings many benefits for your business: 

  • Enhanced Efficiency: By automating the detection and resolution of issues, it can help you streamline your operations, freeing up valuable time and resources for strategic initiatives. 
  • Improved Decision-Making: Real-time insights will enable you to make informed decisions, building agility and adaptability within your business. 
  • Cost Savings: Proactively addressing challenges will minimize the financial impact of disruptions, resulting in substantial cost savings over time. 
  • Heightened Customer Satisfaction: Swift problem resolution translates to improved customer experiences, which will bolster loyalty and retention rates. A win-win all round! 

Embracing the Future of Problem-Solving 

As you can see from everything highlighted above, AI holds immense promise for businesses looking to navigate an increasingly complex and competitive landscape. By leveraging AI-driven solutions you can unlock new opportunities, streamline operations and drive sustainable growth. If you would like to find out more about how we can enhance your problem-solving tech to better support the challenges you face, contact us to arrange a call. We can help you pave the way for a brighter tomorrow. 


Exploring Craft CMS: A Robust Solution for Your Digital Needs

As a team deeply invested in digital solutions, GlobalizeME Digital has come to appreciate the intricacies and possibilities offered by various Content Management Systems (CMS). From widely adopted WordPress to the more specialized options such as Craft CMS, we've had the privilege of exploring a spectrum of platforms. And while Craft CMS is not as widely recognized as an industry giant, in our view, it emerges as a commercial CMS with distinctive attributes and advantages.  

Let’s take a moment to explore this further and share insights into why big brands are embracing it, why we recommend it and the expertise we offer in this field. 

What is Craft CMS? 

Standing out in the landscape of content management systems as a commercial solution, Craft CMS differentiates itself from open-source alternatives like WordPress. It operates as a paid model offering a distinct approach to development and support. Craft's architecture reflects its well-funded nature, resulting in a robust platform designed to meet the needs of modern web projects. 

Operating on a sophisticated technology stack, it leverages a stack of top-tier technologies, including PHP, MySQL, Yii Framework, Symfony and various other leading framework packages. Craft recommends the latest and most stable versions of these libraries, ensuring optimal performance and security. Its preference for NginX as a webserver marks a departure from many open-source platforms, contributing to its unique ecosystem. 

Why are Big Brands Embracing Craft CMS? 

Despite its relatively low market share, estimated at 2-3% of CMS-based websites, Craft CMS has an impressive array of clients. Companies like Volkswagen, Adidas, IKEA, Ryvita, Jordans Cereals and CALM trust Craft to power their digital experiences. This speaks volumes about their reliability, flexibility and scalability, making it a compelling choice for organizations seeking robust digital solutions. 

Why We Recommend Craft CMS 

Having worked extensively with the platform over the past three years, we've developed a deep understanding and appreciation for its capabilities. Craft enables us to architect, develop and deploy websites from scratch with exceptional precision and efficiency. Our experience extends to managing autoscaling clusters using AWS, ensuring optimal performance even under unpredictable spikes in traffic. 

Regular patching and upgrade cycles are essential for maintaining the integrity and security of any digital platform. With Craft, we are able to excel in monitoring and triaging stacks across various platform layers, ensuring seamless operation and peace of mind for our clients. 

From our perspective, Craft embodies the principles of robustness, developer-friendliness and security. While niche, it offers a solid foundation for building sophisticated digital experiences tailored to our clients' unique requirements. 

What We Offer 

Our journey with Craft CMS has enabled us to develop a diverse skill set tailored to meet the demands of modern digital projects. Here's what we are able to bring to the table: 

  • Architecting, Developing and Deploying Sites: We specialize in building bespoke digital experiences from conception to execution, leveraging the platform’s full potential. 
  • Developing Autoscaling Clusters Using AWS: For clients facing unpredictable traffic patterns, we design and implement autoscaling clusters on AWS, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. 
  • Running Regular Patching and Upgrade Cycles: Our proactive approach to maintenance ensures that installations remain up-to-date and secure, safeguarding against potential vulnerabilities. 
  • Monitoring and Triaging Stacks: With our vigilant monitoring and triaging processes, we ensure the smooth operation of Craft stacks, pre-empting issues before they escalate. 

Embracing the Future with Craft CMS Partnerships 

As advocates of the platforms capabilities, we aspire to formalize our commitment by becoming Craft CMS partners within the next year. This partnership will enable us to better serve our clients and offer expertise and peace of mind. If you are seeking to elevate your digital presence and are considering a Craft CMS for your next digital venture, we would be delighted to embark on this journey with you. Feel free to get in touch today. 

Meet Andy Forkgen: Founder of GlobalizeMe Digital

Welcome to the world of GlobalizeMe Digital, where innovation meets expertise, and technical solutions come to life. At the core of our company is Andy Forkgen, an expert in his field with a true passion for technology, who’s driven by a vision to bridge the gap between digital agencies and tech companies. In this interview style article, we invite you to meet Andy, the person behind the scenes, to offer you a clearer understanding of who we are, what we do, and the exciting path we're charting ahead. 

So, who is Andy Forkgen? 

At the youthful age of 50 (because, as he puts it, 50 is the new 40!), Andy is a family man who lives in Buckinghamshire with his wife and three teenage children. A Londoner by birth, he spent the first 35 years of his life in the capital, where his career path included a stint of 5 years in the Metropolitan Police tech section, followed by 6 years at the Telegraph Newspaper, with intermittent roles at various tech and consultancy companies. 

Beyond GlobalizeMe, Andy wears many hats – a founder and manager of football teams, a 2017 London Marathon runner (with plans for a rerun at some point), a board member of a non-profit community radio station and a dedicated host of two breakfast shows a week. 

What inspired the birth of GlobalizeMe Digital? 

The spark for GlobalizeMe Digital ignited from Andy's collaboration with Marc Janssen, the brain behind GlobalizeMe (our sister company). Recognising a niche for a wholly-technical set of digital, cloud, QA and project management teams managed entirely from Europe, they set out to bridge the gap between traditional tech companies and digital agencies. So, in 2008, the company was born, aiming to offer a unique blend of skills and approaches tailored for digital projects. 

How would you describe the company? 

In a nutshell, we are more than just a tech company, we are a powerhouse of innovation and reliability. With teams across the UK, Europe and India, we craft secure and scalable digital solutions for businesses worldwide. From secure app development to web app and cloud solutions, we offer versatile services on both “build and transfer” or “build and maintain” models. Whether it’s architecting, building, managing, or maintaining digital ecosystems, we excel in delivering excellence with a touch of tough love. 

What’s your role? 

A techie at heart, Andy finds it challenging to resist diving into the technical intricacies of the projects. However, with over 15 years of leadership behind him, he has learned to trust his talented colleagues and the invaluable skills they contribute. Today, his responsibilities encompass client onboarding, ensuring technical and service excellence, and nurturing a healthy work environment which encourages success and growth. 

What are your Aspirations in 2024? 

The year 2024 holds exciting prospects for the company. With ongoing projects nearing completion and new ventures on the horizon, Andy anticipates a year filled with growth and innovation. The aim, to maintain our personalised approach while scaling operations, ensuring that clients continue to receive a quality service and dedication. Furthermore, we remain committed to innovation, upgrades, accreditations (such as the recent ISO27001 re-certification), and staff training stays a priority. 

What’s your Long-Term Vision? 

Looking ahead, we envision scaling upwards while retaining the essence of our close-knit team. Andy emphasises the importance of preserving the personal touch and competitive pricing that our clients love. As we tread the path of expansion, maintaining client satisfaction remains paramount. 

As you can see, Andy's journey embodies the spirit of innovation and adaptability. As the founder of GlobalizeMe Digital, his vision continues to drive the company towards new heights, shaping the future of digital solutions one project at a time. 

Seamless Solutions to Conquer 6 Digital Pain Points

In the fast-paced world of digital and cloud services, we often find that IT, Marketing and Digital Managers find themselves grappling with sleepless nights, haunted by common digital pain points that hinder productivity and efficiency. However, with the right support, these challenges needn't dominate your thoughts. Let us explain more... 

Within this article, we've highlighted some of the challenges our clients from various sectors, including pharmaceutical, biotech, healthcare, law enforcement, tech, digital, and manufacturing, regularly encounter that keep them awake at night. We offer insight into how we collaborate with them to navigate these hurdles effectively and create seamless operations.  

Do any of these digital pain points resonate with you? 

1. Lack of Performance Metrics Clarity

You're frustrated by the lack of clarity regarding the performance metrics of your digital platforms. Google Analytics might provide insights, but the 24-hour delay and limitations it brings can leave you in the dark. 

How We Can Help:

  • We offer extensive monitoring of all systems, from bare metal to user experience. 
  • Receive timely notifications when systems are under stress. 
  • Our load testing programmes identify bottlenecks and ensure system resilience. 
  • Geographic performance and other blockers are identified and addressed promptly. 
  • We provide full diagnosis and remediation of issues. 

2. Project Delays and Budget Overruns

Getting projects off the ground seems like an uphill battle, let alone completing them on time and within budget. Whether it's resource constraints or sluggish progress, you're feeling the strain. 

How We Can Help:

  • Our consulting services identify pain points in the development lifecycle. 
  • Implement team augmentation and resourcing plans to accelerate project delivery. 
  • Transition to a Virtual Offshore Development Centre (VODC) for sustainable long-term support. 

3. Maintenance and Security Concerns

There's a lingering fear that your systems aren't receiving optimal maintenance, whether through vendors or in-house staff. The risk of assuming everything is fine keeps you on edge. 

How We Can Help:

  • Our comprehensive health checks cover maintenance, security, backups and monitoring. 
  • Tailored maintenance plans ensure system resilience with affordable monthly maintenance and monitoring. 
  • All services are delivered under a transparent service level agreement for accountability. 

4. Budgeting and Relationship Concerns with Development Agencies

The uncertainty surrounding your relationship with existing development agencies is unsettling. Budgeting challenges and timeline uncertainties only compound the stress. 

How We Can Help:

  • Receive a thorough second-opinion on any brief, confidentially. 
  • Gain clarity on the health of your agency relationships. 

5. Security Apprehensions 

Security breaches loom as a constant threat, and you're unsure if your enterprise's defences are up to par. 

How We Can Help: 

  • Leverage our ISO27001 expertise to implementation and extend similar security measures to your enterprise. 
  • Identify and address security gaps with our expertise and third-party AI-based tools. 

6. Offshore Team Effectiveness

Your experience with offshore teams has left you uncertain about its effectiveness and impact on productivity. 

How We Can Help:

  • Thoroughly assess your team structures and optimise resource allocation to enhance efficiency. 
  • Enrich your existing team with a blend of offshore, nearshore, and UK-based talent to bolster capabilities and flexibility. 

As you can see from the points outlined above, the road to streamlined digital and cloud services is paved with challenges, but with our support, you can navigate these obstacles with confidence. Let's transform your sleepless nights into restful assurance, one pain point at a time. Get in touch today! 

Unlocking Security: GlobalizeMe's ISO Certification Explained!

ISO Certification

We are thrilled about our successful ongoing attainment of the ISO/IEC 27001:2017 Certification, a significant set of milestones for a company of our size, who is navigating the vast ocean of business. These ongoing achievements not only reflect our commitment to information security but also holds profound implications for both our internal operations and the clients we work with.

So, what is ISO/IEC 27001:2017 Certification?

It is a globally recognised international standard that outlines the best practices for managing information security. Originally published in 2005 and updated in 2017, it offers a comprehensive framework for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an Information Security Management System (ISMS). Its primary goal is to enhance the security of an organisation's information assets, ensuring a robust and resilient approach to safeguarding sensitive data – something that is of paramount importance in today’s business world.

Our Journey to ISO Certification

GlobalizeMe Digital embarked on this rigorous journey and were independently audited by the British Assessment Bureau on November 1st and 2nd, 2022 - dedicating nine months to meticulous preparation and internal auditing, no mean feat for a company of our size! After a further two-day surveillance audit on November 28th and 29th, 2023, we gained an extension of our certification for another year, with zero Improvement Opportunities and zero Non-Compliances raised. A great accomplishment!

Our auditor also commended our exemplary adoption, implementation and integration of the ISO 27001 standard into our business processes, highlighting our genuine commitment to the Information Security Management System.

The GlobalizeMe Difference: What this tells you about us…

At GlobalizeMe, our aim is to deliver an exceptional service to our clients, instilling in them the utmost confidence in our capabilities and the assurance of receiving the highest quality service available. Through our certification, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Enhanced Information Security Management: A meticulous and organised strategy to handling sensitive information, safeguarding against unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration and destruction. This certification confirms our approach to an effective ISMS, integrating policies, procedures and controls to manage and mitigate your security risks.
  • Increased Customer Trust: Showcases our unwavering commitment to the highest information security standards. You can trust in our ability to protect your data.
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Ensures compliance with pertinent laws and regulations related to information security, minimising your legal risks and potential issues stemming from data breaches.
  • Risk Management and Mitigation: Emphasises a risk-based approach, empowering us to proactively identify, assess and manage your security risks.
  • Improved Internal Processes: Encourages enhancements in internal processes, developing clear roles and responsibilities, defined processes, and regular monitoring and review of information security practices.
  • Efficient Incident Response: Facilitates effective responses to security incidents, using established procedures for reporting, investigating and mitigating incidents.
  • Third-Party Assurance: Provides you with external validation of our information security practices - an essential credential for companies handling sensitive data or operating in industries with strict security requirements.

In Summary: What It Means for You

For our clients in the pharmaceutical, biotech, healthcare, law enforcement, tech, digital and manufacturing sectors, ISO Certification means we have implemented a robust system to manage risks related to data security. Our commitment to best practices ensures resilience to cyber-attacks, preparedness for new threats, data integrity, confidentiality, and availability, security across all platforms, organisation-wide protection and cost savings.

As we transition into 2024, GlobalizeMe Digital remains dedicated to pushing boundaries and evolving with the upcoming ISO/IEC 27001:2022 standard. Our pursuit of excellence in information security reflects our commitment to providing the highest level of service to our valued clients.


GlobalizeMe Digital 2023: Achievements. Growth. Reflection.


What a whirlwind of a year it was! As we sit down to contemplate our journey, we’re overwhelmed with a sense of accomplishment and gratitude for the incredible moments we shared as a team at GlobalizeMe Digital. It was a year marked by strategic visits, collaborative efforts and significant milestones that propelled us forward, so we thought we’d take a moment to share some of our most notable achievements with you. 

A Global Perspective 

One of the highlights of the year was our strategic visits to our Roermond office in February and December. These visits weren't just about business, they were about strengthening our bonds with our sister company and cherished client, FlowDezk, as well as reinforcing our commitment to a "Global View" at GlobalizeMe. And, of course, what's a visit without indulging in some delectable local cuisine? Throughout the year, our team members visited 7 countries to run scoping, kick-off and progress meetings with clients and partners. 

Uniting in Bangalore

The month of May saw us converging in our Bangalore office for a week of intense team meetings, bringing together over 30 staff members — a remarkable achievement in these hybrid times. It was a time to catch up, reflect on collective achievements, and lay the groundwork for our future endeavours. The camaraderie and shared vision that emerged from those meetings were instrumental in charting our course the rest of the year. 

Nurturing Future Talent

In July, we had the pleasure of hosting Max, a short-term intern, for a week of valuable work experience. It was not only an opportunity for us to share our knowledge and expertise but also a chance to reflect on our own practices. Welcoming young talents like Max into our fold, is not just an investment in the future but a reminder of the passion and curiosity that drive us forward. 

Showcasing at TEKOM Tradeshow

October was an exciting month as we made our presence felt at the TEKOM tradeshow in Stuttgart where we proudly showcased our collaborative efforts with FlowDezk. The week was a flurry of networking, learning and demonstrating the products we’ve worked so diligently on. It was a testament to the power of partnership and collaboration on a global scale, allowing us to meet with over 50 clients, potential clients and partners of FlowDezk. 

ISO27001:2017 Certification – A Milestone Achieved

A major feather in our cap was the re-certification of GlobalizeMe UK for ISO27001:2017 in November. Achieving and maintaining this standard is no small feat, it's a testament to the dedication, effort and hundreds of person-hours put in by the entire team throughout the year. Audits, progress meetings, and standards maintenance may not sound glamorous, but they are the bedrock of our commitment to upholding the highest standards in information security. 

Advancing Industries Worldwide

Throughout the entire year, we were driven by our commitment to excellence. With over 180 successful releases, ranging from small to monumental, we marked progress in enriching industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotech, law enforcement, and beyond. Our commitment to ensuring system security, stability and performance remained unwavering. The tireless work of our team ensured that our clients experienced uninterrupted service, contributing to their success stories. 

As we embrace 2024, we raise a toast to the accomplishments we achieved in 2023, the challenges overcome, and the lessons learned. The foundations we laid were solid, and we look forward to building upon them this year. Here's to more strategic visits, collaborative meetings, and groundbreaking releases that will continue to define GlobalizeMe's journey. And we eagerly anticipate another year of growth, success and global impact! 

Happy Holidays 2022-2023 from GlobalizeMe Digital

Happy Holidays 2022-2023 from GlobalizeMe Digital

Wishing all of our clients, partners, contacts and just about everyone else a happy holiday season. It has been great working and connecting with you in 2022 – a year which has been very interesting and productive with lots of achievements clocked up including (but not limited to) our shiny new ISO27001 accreditation plus LOTS of AWS and dev build achievements during the year.

We look forward to working with you all on a deeper level in 2023. Do contact us at uk@globalizeme.com for any queries around cloud and app-based digital consulting, architecture, build, support and monitoring, whether you’re a startup, FTSE100 company or anything in between – we support you all with equal love, skill and enthusiasm.

As usual, we’ll be at the coalface manning the service desk throughout the holidays. Always email support@globalizeme.com for anything support related where our highly responsive and efficient team will be on standby to triage and resolve any queries and issues effectively.

All best wishes.

GlobalizeMe Digital BS EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017 Certification

GlobalizeMe UK Ltd are a company certified under the BS EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017 standard. The definition of ISO27001 is as follows:

ISO/IEC 27001 is an international standard on how to manage information security. The standard was originally published jointly by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in 2005 and then revised in 2013. It details requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an information security management system (ISMS) – the aim of which is to help organizations make the information assets they hold more secure. A European update of the standard was published in 2017. Organizations that meet the standard’s requirements can choose to be certified by an accredited certification body following successful completion of an audit.

Source: Wikipedia.

GlobalizeMe UK were independently audited by the British Assessment Bureau on the 1st and 2nd November 2022 following around 9 months of preparation and internal auditing. Our next independent surveillance audit is in November 2023 at which point we will be assessed for our adherance to and practice of the ISO27001:2017 standard throughout the year.

Click here to view our official certificate. For more information, or to find out how you can utilise our consulting services to get your organisation “ISO ready” from both an infrastructure and an administration point of view, please contact andy.forkgen@globalizeme.com.

UPDATE: Following a thorough two day surveillance audit held on 28th and 29th November 2023, GlobalizeMe’s ISO27001 certification was extended for a further year with zero Improvement Opportunities and zero Non Compliances. In his assessment, our auditor said the following:

Your adoption, implementation, and integration of the ISO 27001 standard into the operating processes of your business has been exemplary. It shows a true commitment to the Information Security Management System and the way you, as an organisation, conduct yourselves.

Our most current certificate is available to view here: GlobalizeMe UK ISO Certificate 2023

COVID-19 Update GlobalizeMe Digital

We hope that you're keeping well and safe during this time and that business is continuing to prosper for you. Following our update at Easter, we've actually had a very busy time. The thirst for cloud and for managed development services is ever-growing and this has put a huge burden on our team. I am proud to say that we have been able to flex tremendously well and, with some pin sharp management of resources and tactical growth of our teams, we are maintaining the excellent delivery standards and customer services that our clients expect.

We've got some very exciting new projects in the offing and are feeling grateful that we can help many more clients to achieve their cloud and digital goals. Projects include:

  • A large Shopify E-Commerce shop for a high-end consumer goods brand.
  • A Bioinformatics (human peptide analysis) workload in AWS for a Biotech startup.
  • Analysis and scoping of a national taxi managemement platform.
  • Analysis and scoping of a large auction management system for a leading national auction house franchise.

Interesting times - and this is on top of countless other existing projects, support contracts, AWS maintenance and general work "keeping the lights on". As usual, we continue to maintain the ethos set down at the start of lockdown with regular team scrum calls, regular company town hall meetings and regular health checks with all of our team members. If anything, we're closer and stronger than we ever were!

If you're interesting in fiding out more about what we do and how we work, please do have a look around our website, ask to see our capability statement or ask for a call. I am available at all times.

Best wishes,

Andy Forkgen (COO Digital Services).

Easter 2020 Update


I hope that this email finds you well, safe and happy. In these unprecedented times during the COVID-19 lockdown, I thought it worth taking the unprecedented step of sending an email out to assure everyone that it's fully business as usual at GlobalizeMe Digital.

We're of course all getting used to a new way of working but I wanted to assure you of the following key measures that we have taken to ensure that business continues and that we continue to safeguard the business of our clients and their clients:

  • Every single one of our 27 team members are now working at home; this includes the UK (Chinnor), India (Bangalore) and Spain (La Palma) offices to the person.
  • All of our team members have great internet connectivity and all are connecting securely to our networks and servers via highly secure VPNs, basically utilising the same levels of security as they would were they in the office.
  • We're having regular (twice daily) scrum meetings between local teams to ensure that everyone stays on track with goals and targets.
  • We're also ensuring that everyone works and communicates within their buddy groups (2-3 people) and that they have regular communication within this group to ensure social and mental wellbeing.
  • As a company, we're also holding regular town hall meetings via Microsoft Teams with the entire company present, ensuring that team members are kept aware of wider company goals at this time, and that every single person in the team feels supported and part of a wider global team. This is after all a global problem and not a local problem and we want everyone to understand this.

Working in this way has ensured a happy and productive workforce, that projects stay on track, that SLAs continue to be met and consequently a client base who continues to be happy with the project work, AWS build and managed services that we provide to our clients - basically business as usual for GlobalizeMe. We know we're not unique and we know that many companies out there are pulling out all the stops to support their clients and indeed there are many people out there on the front line who are risking their lives every day in these strange times. However we wanted to reassure you that things are as normal as they can be here and that you can still trust us to deliver at all times.

Thanks for your time, if you want to know more about what we do and how we do it, please visit our dedicated Digital website https://digital.globalizeme.com where you can delve down into the services that we offer, check out our team and read news and case studies to find out what we've been up to lately. We're particularly proud of our recent involvement with a London based suicide charity for whom we've been building and rolling out containerised, load-balanced, auto-scaling AWS architecture. We've also been providing world class managed-service architecture, build support and development services to clients in the Pharma, Financial Services and manufacturing fields so please do check out the website for more info.

In the meantime, we hope you've had a good Easter weekend and are returning back to the "new normal" refreshed and ready to face the week.

With all best wishes,

Andy Forkgen.