What a whirlwind of a year it was! As we sit down to contemplate our journey, we’re overwhelmed with a sense of accomplishment and gratitude for the incredible moments we shared as a team at GlobalizeMe Digital. It was a year marked by strategic visits, collaborative efforts and significant milestones that propelled us forward, so we thought we’d take a moment to share some of our most notable achievements with you. 

A Global Perspective 

One of the highlights of the year was our strategic visits to our Roermond office in February and December. These visits weren’t just about business, they were about strengthening our bonds with our sister company and cherished client, FlowDezk, as well as reinforcing our commitment to a “Global View” at GlobalizeMe. And, of course, what’s a visit without indulging in some delectable local cuisine? Throughout the year, our team members visited 7 countries to run scoping, kick-off and progress meetings with clients and partners. 

Uniting in Bangalore

The month of May saw us converging in our Bangalore office for a week of intense team meetings, bringing together over 30 staff members — a remarkable achievement in these hybrid times. It was a time to catch up, reflect on collective achievements, and lay the groundwork for our future endeavours. The camaraderie and shared vision that emerged from those meetings were instrumental in charting our course the rest of the year. 

Nurturing Future Talent

In July, we had the pleasure of hosting Max, a short-term intern, for a week of valuable work experience. It was not only an opportunity for us to share our knowledge and expertise but also a chance to reflect on our own practices. Welcoming young talents like Max into our fold, is not just an investment in the future but a reminder of the passion and curiosity that drive us forward. 

Showcasing at TEKOM Tradeshow

October was an exciting month as we made our presence felt at the TEKOM tradeshow in Stuttgart where we proudly showcased our collaborative efforts with FlowDezk. The week was a flurry of networking, learning and demonstrating the products we’ve worked so diligently on. It was a testament to the power of partnership and collaboration on a global scale, allowing us to meet with over 50 clients, potential clients and partners of FlowDezk. 

ISO27001:2017 Certification – A Milestone Achieved

A major feather in our cap was the re-certification of GlobalizeMe UK for ISO27001:2017 in November. Achieving and maintaining this standard is no small feat, it’s a testament to the dedication, effort and hundreds of person-hours put in by the entire team throughout the year. Audits, progress meetings, and standards maintenance may not sound glamorous, but they are the bedrock of our commitment to upholding the highest standards in information security. 

Advancing Industries Worldwide

Throughout the entire year, we were driven by our commitment to excellence. With over 180 successful releases, ranging from small to monumental, we marked progress in enriching industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotech, law enforcement, and beyond. Our commitment to ensuring system security, stability and performance remained unwavering. The tireless work of our team ensured that our clients experienced uninterrupted service, contributing to their success stories. 

As we embrace 2024, we raise a toast to the accomplishments we achieved in 2023, the challenges overcome, and the lessons learned. The foundations we laid were solid, and we look forward to building upon them this year. Here’s to more strategic visits, collaborative meetings, and groundbreaking releases that will continue to define GlobalizeMe’s journey. And we eagerly anticipate another year of growth, success and global impact!