About Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Ferring is a leading research-driven biopharmaceutical group dedicated to improving the lives of people worldwide by focusing on reproductive medicine, maternal health, gastroenterology, and urology. With over 70 years of commitment to science and research, they are a global force, reaching millions of patients across 110 countries. As a privately-owned company, they are driven by a mission to develop life-changing innovations that prioritise the well-being of individuals.


The Challenge: Why they Engaged GlobalizeMe

Having initiated their digital strategy across multiple countries, they faced a significant challenge in managing their digital presence. Reliant on local agencies to architect and host their brand websites and apps resulted in a disjointed approach, leading to multiple platforms, strategies, security issues and budget concerns. Recognising the need for a comprehensive global digital security, hosting, implementation and resilience strategy, they engaged us to help streamline their digital operations and establish a unified, secure and scalable solution. 

The Solution

We began consulting with Ferring in 2015 to address these challenges. Over the next five years, we implemented the following solutions: 

  • Global, standardised, secure and closely monitored digital hosting and storage solutions leveraging various AWS architectures. 
  • A spectrum of application stacks, from rapid website deployment to tailored architectures, we covered it all – API services, Adverse Event Reporting, and large data lakes for cutting-edge human genomic analytics via bioinformatic engines. 
  • Global MSA and SLA via a dedicated service desk with essential KPIs, ensuring uniform and dependable service delivery. 
  • Comprehensive global monitoring and threat protection measures at an edge, application and server level. 
  • Effective asset management for over 350 endpoints, including WordPress sites, APIs, applications, and more. 
  • Streamlined app testing and maintenance workflow across multiple platforms and operating systems, encouraging collaboration with both external vendors and in-house teams. 

The Outcome

Our collaboration has achieved unmistakable rewards, positioning us as Ferring’s trusted global digital advisors. With a strong commitment to digital governance, we oversee both their agencies and their local teams, providing a centralised and robust set of digital solution. And as we look ahead, we anticipate many more years in partnership with them, standing proudly as the architects behind a cohesive, secure and efficient digital ecosystem for this global biopharmaceutical leader.