As a team deeply invested in digital solutions, GlobalizeME Digital has come to appreciate the intricacies and possibilities offered by various Content Management Systems (CMS). From widely adopted WordPress to the more specialized options such as Craft CMS, we’ve had the privilege of exploring a spectrum of platforms. And while Craft CMS is not as widely recognized as an industry giant, in our view, it emerges as a commercial CMS with distinctive attributes and advantages.  

Let’s take a moment to explore this further and share insights into why big brands are embracing it, why we recommend it and the expertise we offer in this field. 

What is Craft CMS? 

Standing out in the landscape of content management systems as a commercial solution, Craft CMS differentiates itself from open-source alternatives like WordPress. It operates as a paid model offering a distinct approach to development and support. Craft’s architecture reflects its well-funded nature, resulting in a robust platform designed to meet the needs of modern web projects. 

Operating on a sophisticated technology stack, it leverages a stack of top-tier technologies, including PHP, MySQL, Yii Framework, Symfony and various other leading framework packages. Craft recommends the latest and most stable versions of these libraries, ensuring optimal performance and security. Its preference for NginX as a webserver marks a departure from many open-source platforms, contributing to its unique ecosystem. 

Why are Big Brands Embracing Craft CMS? 

Despite its relatively low market share, estimated at 2-3% of CMS-based websites, Craft CMS has an impressive array of clients. Companies like Volkswagen, Adidas, IKEA, Ryvita, Jordans Cereals and CALM trust Craft to power their digital experiences. This speaks volumes about their reliability, flexibility and scalability, making it a compelling choice for organizations seeking robust digital solutions. 

Why We Recommend Craft CMS 

Having worked extensively with the platform over the past three years, we’ve developed a deep understanding and appreciation for its capabilities. Craft enables us to architect, develop and deploy websites from scratch with exceptional precision and efficiency. Our experience extends to managing autoscaling clusters using AWS, ensuring optimal performance even under unpredictable spikes in traffic. 

Regular patching and upgrade cycles are essential for maintaining the integrity and security of any digital platform. With Craft, we are able to excel in monitoring and triaging stacks across various platform layers, ensuring seamless operation and peace of mind for our clients. 

From our perspective, Craft embodies the principles of robustness, developer-friendliness and security. While niche, it offers a solid foundation for building sophisticated digital experiences tailored to our clients’ unique requirements. 

What We Offer 

Our journey with Craft CMS has enabled us to develop a diverse skill set tailored to meet the demands of modern digital projects. Here’s what we are able to bring to the table: 

  • Architecting, Developing and Deploying Sites: We specialize in building bespoke digital experiences from conception to execution, leveraging the platform’s full potential. 
  • Developing Autoscaling Clusters Using AWS: For clients facing unpredictable traffic patterns, we design and implement autoscaling clusters on AWS, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. 
  • Running Regular Patching and Upgrade Cycles: Our proactive approach to maintenance ensures that installations remain up-to-date and secure, safeguarding against potential vulnerabilities. 
  • Monitoring and Triaging Stacks: With our vigilant monitoring and triaging processes, we ensure the smooth operation of Craft stacks, pre-empting issues before they escalate. 

Embracing the Future with Craft CMS Partnerships 

As advocates of the platforms capabilities, we aspire to formalize our commitment by becoming Craft CMS partners within the next year. This partnership will enable us to better serve our clients and offer expertise and peace of mind. If you are seeking to elevate your digital presence and are considering a Craft CMS for your next digital venture, we would be delighted to embark on this journey with you. Feel free to get in touch today.