Team Successes

At GlobalizeMe Digital, we’re taking a moment to celebrate our recent team successes. From minor yet significant triumphs to ongoing projects set to create a significant impact, our journey is marked by collaboration, dedication and innovation. 

Minor Wins, Major Impact 

In the fast-paced world of digital solutions, even seemingly minor successes can have a massive impact on our clients. We’re proud to highlight some recent achievements: 

Refreshed Property Portfolio Site Launch 

We successfully launched a revamped portfolio site for a leading commercial property company. This overhaul included enhancements in user interface (UI) design and significant improvements in customer interactivity. Powered by CraftCMS, the site’s robustness and smooth rollout exemplify our dedication to exceeding client expectations. 

New Features for Financial Services Company 

For a leading financial services company, we recently launched a significant new feature set, enhancing customer interactivity and data collection capabilities. Leveraging CraftCMS, we delivered a solution that not only meets but exceeds industry standards, setting a new benchmark for excellence in financial services. 

High-Tech Safety Equipment Website 

We played a crucial role in the launch of a cutting-edge website within the safety equipment sector. From onboarding to optimization, we ensured a seamless process for this high-tech product, featuring video content and intricate case study layouts. Through a process of meticulous testing, benchmarking and optimization, we equipped the site with the necessary SEO, performance and security tools for success, all powered by WordPress. 

Product Marketing Site for Employee Safety App 

Our latest achievement includes the successful deployment of a product marketing site for an innovative employee safety app. This microsite offers comprehensive support, product information, pricing details, and ongoing thought leadership content—all seamlessly integrated with WordPress and supported by our suite of services. 

Ongoing Projects and Innovations 

While celebrating recent team successes, we’re also deeply engaged in ongoing projects including: 

UI Rollout for Law Enforcement Tools Market Leader 

One of our current efforts is leading a significant UI rollout for a key player in law enforcement tools. This comprehensive project aims to impact tens of thousands of operatives next year. Focusing on extensive UI enhancements and new features prioritizing accessibility, we’ve employed bespoke development using Laravel and ReactJS frameworks. Our collaboration with the client spans design, implementation, QA, demos and ongoing platform upkeep. 

Innovative Property Auction Management System 

After 2.5 years of dedicated development, we’re nearing the full release of an innovative property auction management system. Currently undergoing live trials, this ground-breaking solution, with too many features to mention, is set to transform business operations for our client. 

Honouring Our Team: Celebrating Milestones 

Behind every success story are the committed individuals who make it possible. They’re our foundation, our engine room, our life blood, and we’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the service anniversaries of our team members, whose dedication fuels our achievements. 

In the past few months alone, we had the following staff service anniversaries:   

  • Rajapandi Raman (Full Stack Dev / Tech Lead) – Feb 27 – 7 Years  
  • Anitha Ramanathan (Full Stack Dev / Tech Lead) – Feb 27 – 6 Years  
  • Ezhumalai Ranga (UI Dev) – Mar 1 – 6 Years  
  • Viji Mani (UI Dev) – Mar 8 – 1 Year  
  • Karthick Kumar (Senior Tech Lead) – Mar 12 – 6 Years  
  • Nithya Sekar – (Full Stack Dev) – Mar 22 – 3 Years 

Embracing Opportunities 

Looking ahead, later this month and into early May, our Digital Services Director, Andy Forkgen, is embarking on a journey to India, where he’ll engage with clients and team members across Mumbai, Bangalore and Coimbatore. Amidst client strategy meetings and staff town halls, Andy embraces the opportunity to connect and collaborate, reaffirming our commitment to global partnerships and innovation. 

Get in Touch: Let’s Shape the Future Together 

With numerous projects underway, there’s always something exciting happening at GlobalizeMe Digital. Whether you’re curious about our recent team successes or eager to explore future collaborations, we invite you to reach out and join us on this exciting journey.