AWS Partner

GlobalizeMe Digital’s Certified AWS Partnership 

We’re really pleased to announce that after a recent audit we have successfully obtained re-certification as an AWS Partner. As a longstanding AWS Select Consulting Partner and AWS Solution Provider (Reseller), achieving this certification represents a significant achievement in our journey to providing top-tier cloud solutions and services. 

But what exactly does it mean to be an AWS Partner?  

And why should it matter to you?  

AWS solutions are designed to simplify the deployment of optimized infrastructure tailored to meet the needs of individual customers. To become an AWS Partner is a rigorous process that evaluates the expertise and proficiency of individuals or organizations in Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions. This certification is more than just a badge, it’s a testament to our commitment to excellence and our deep understanding of AWS technologies. 

The journey to renewing our certification has been both challenging and rewarding. We’ve been an AWS Consulting Partner since 2015 and a Reseller since 2016. Our recent audit reaffirmed our dedication to meeting and exceeding the ever-evolving standards set by AWS. 

During our renewal process, we not only met but exceeded the stringent criteria set. We strengthened our team with certified professionals, ensuring that we have the necessary skills and expertise to serve you better and deliver an exceptional service. This included: 

  • At least two AWS Certified DevOps Architects (we have 4) 
  • At least two AWS Certified Cloud Practitioners (we have 6) 
  • At least two AWS Business Professionals (we have 5) 
  • At least two AWS Technical Professionals (we have 6) 
  • Gathering at least 5 positive customer reviews via AWS’s review system 

With multiple AWS Certified DevOps Architects, Cloud Practitioners, Business Professionals and Technical Professionals on board, we’re well-equipped to handle your most complex challenges. 

What This Means for You: 

  1. Expertise: Our certification demonstrates our competence in AWS technologies, guaranteeing that we can design, deploy and manage AWS-based systems effectively to meet your unique needs. 
  2. Quality Assurance: You can trust us as a mark of quality assurance, knowing we’ve met AWS’s rigorous standards and requirements. 
  3. Access to Specialized Services: As a certified partner, we have access to specialized training, resources and support from AWS. This enables us to offer innovative solutions and support tailored to your business requirements. 
  4. Smooth Implementation: Partnering with us ensures smoother implementation processes, reducing the risk of errors, downtime and other issues during deployment and migration projects. Your journey will be seamless and hassle-free. 
  5. Ongoing Support: We’re here for you every step of the way. Our team provides ongoing support and maintenance services, ensuring that your AWS environments remain optimized, secure and up-to-date over time. 

As an AWS Consulting Partner and Reseller, we’re authorized by AWS to assist with architecture, build, support and resale of AWS services globally. We take pride in serving multiple happy, secure global AWS clients who rely on our enterprise-level implementation and support services, some for many years. We’re dedicated to leveraging the power it offers to drive innovation, efficiency and growth for our clients’ businesses.   

If you would like to explore how we can support you, reach out today to arrange an informal chat at your convenience.