I hope that this email finds you well, safe and happy. In these unprecedented times during the COVID-19 lockdown, I thought it worth taking the unprecedented step of sending an email out to assure everyone that it’s fully business as usual at GlobalizeMe Digital.

We’re of course all getting used to a new way of working but I wanted to assure you of the following key measures that we have taken to ensure that business continues and that we continue to safeguard the business of our clients and their clients:

  • Every single one of our 27 team members are now working at home; this includes the UK (Chinnor), India (Bangalore) and Spain (La Palma) offices to the person.
  • All of our team members have great internet connectivity and all are connecting securely to our networks and servers via highly secure VPNs, basically utilising the same levels of security as they would were they in the office.
  • We’re having regular (twice daily) scrum meetings between local teams to ensure that everyone stays on track with goals and targets.
  • We’re also ensuring that everyone works and communicates within their buddy groups (2-3 people) and that they have regular communication within this group to ensure social and mental wellbeing.
  • As a company, we’re also holding regular town hall meetings via Microsoft Teams with the entire company present, ensuring that team members are kept aware of wider company goals at this time, and that every single person in the team feels supported and part of a wider global team. This is after all a global problem and not a local problem and we want everyone to understand this.

Working in this way has ensured a happy and productive workforce, that projects stay on track, that SLAs continue to be met and consequently a client base who continues to be happy with the project work, AWS build and managed services that we provide to our clients – basically business as usual for GlobalizeMe. We know we’re not unique and we know that many companies out there are pulling out all the stops to support their clients and indeed there are many people out there on the front line who are risking their lives every day in these strange times. However we wanted to reassure you that things are as normal as they can be here and that you can still trust us to deliver at all times.

Thanks for your time, if you want to know more about what we do and how we do it, please visit our dedicated Digital website https://digital.globalizeme.com where you can delve down into the services that we offer, check out our team and read news and case studies to find out what we’ve been up to lately. We’re particularly proud of our recent involvement with a London based suicide charity for whom we’ve been building and rolling out containerised, load-balanced, auto-scaling AWS architecture. We’ve also been providing world class managed-service architecture, build support and development services to clients in the Pharma, Financial Services and manufacturing fields so please do check out the website for more info.

In the meantime, we hope you’ve had a good Easter weekend and are returning back to the “new normal” refreshed and ready to face the week.

With all best wishes,

Andy Forkgen.